Who is behind Bauble

Bauble started as a one-man project, by Brett Adams. He wrote Bauble for the Belize Botanical Garden, and later on adapted it for a couple of other users who asked him to use it. Brett made Bauble a commons, by releasing it under a GPL license.

After some years of stagnation Mario Frasca took responsibility of updating Bauble, and it is now Mario Frasca writing this, enhancing the software, looking for users, requesting feedback...

So currently behind Bauble there’s again one developer, but much more importantly, a small but growing global users community.

Translations are provided by volunteers who mostly stay behind the scenes, translating a couple of missing terms or sentences, and disappearing again.

To make things clearer when we speak of Bauble, but should—and in this document we will—indicate whether it’s Bauble(the software), or Bauble(the people), unless obviously we mean both things.


Mission: the mission is a purpose, it defines the rationale of an entity and is specific and true. For Bauble, the Mission Statement sets out the social order to which Bauble is committed, the needs that are satisfied with Bauble(the software) and with the services of Bauble(the people), the market in which Bauble develops and its intended public image.

  • access to software
  • access to development
  • bundling resources
  • open source
  • open data


The Vision serves to indicate the way ahead and projects a future image of what we want our organization to be, in a realistic and attractive way. It serves as motivation because it visualizes the challenge and direction of necessary changes in order to grow and prosper.

  • by the year 2020
  • reference point
  • community
  • development
  • integration with web portal
  • geographic information